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Burg Herzberg Festival
Hof Huhnstadt
36287 Breitenbach am Herzberg



Due to illness Baby Woodrose had to cancel their concert. Instead will play:
Monkey 3

There will be tickets at th gate. The przie will be 115,00 Euro.

The timetable is completed! Please, habe a look at our line up page.

The motto for the Burg Herzberg Festival 2014 is:

Perfect Days

The philosophy of the Burg Herzberg Festival is a simple truth. Because of the contribution of everyone a magical form of abundance grows. The basic contribution is the admission fee. If we pool our money it is possible a camp for a week and experience more than 100 bands and acts. Exquisits from all around the world, traders from all over the world, the Kinderland, spontanous concerts and the wonderful athmosphere of Freak City, the city which revives each year for a week. And the most important ingredients are the inhabitants of Freak City. Only their contribution let grow this unbelievable abundance of joyful meetings and nearness. Our motto "Perfect Days" has grown shortly after the death of Lou Reed. "Oh, It´s just a perfect day and I´m glad I spent it with You". Everyone has got those perfect moments, perfect days. Days, you would like to put into a jam jar to put them out every now and then. And for those days we offer you the Burg Herzberg Festival 2014. "Perfect Days" as understood by us and Lou Reed has got nothing to do with perfection. We as the management do not pretend to do a perfect job and that we can fulfill all wishes. But we try our best. "Today is a perfect day! Definitely not the best possible in all ways, but who cares! It is just a perfect day, because I spend it with you!" The days are perfect because of you! You are the perfect day! Hope to see you there!

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