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Due to some continuing rain in 2012 and 2014 we had problems to get every car onto the camping site. This led to a very long cue the last year.
We cannot simply build a street on the venue, because we want to stay as a guest on festival's area, but the main entrance to the camping site left from the gate will be secured by passable plasic mattings.
We hope that even with bad weather everybody will be able to enter the area without tractors.
And we will install a much better information system, so you will get to know whether there will be any delay and what the delay will be. You will find inforations about this also on our homepage shortly before the festival.



Brant Björk and the Low Desert Punk Band18.15
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown20.30
Beth Hart22.45
Fr.Lola Marsh13.30
Winston McAnuff & Fixi15.45
Royal Southern Brotherhood18.00
Chico Trujillo20.15
JJ Grey and Mofro22.30
Sa.Wille and the Bandits13.30
Fairport Convention15.45
The Pretty Things18.00
Rainald Grebe & die Kapelle der Versöhnung20.15
New Model Army22.45
Los de Abajo01.00
Charity Children12.45
La Chiva Gantiva14.30
Guru Guru18.45

We are very pleased to confirm the only real Rolling Stones for Saturday:

The Pretty Things
In 2015 our this year motto gets its validity allready even now - before the actual start of the festival on Thursday 30th of July.
Those who have been guests on the "mountain" in the past, surely recognized that they could fill their hearts in a strange but very light way during the festival days.
In 2015 we wish that you all fill your hearts before the start - each in her/his way. Fill Your Hearts with happy anticipation, be watchful during the next months, and bring with you memories and ideas which are worth to communicate in personal contact with other people.
Take care to your health, which includes the mental side.
Cause to vibrate your hearts with a big "Yes!" to life.
Arrive with great expectations for the festival life. Come with great expectancy on yourselves. Spill your filled hearts and see that you are always ready for the new to refill hearts and see that you are always ready for the new to refill them again.
We'll do our very best to make 2015 to a real experience.
This can only be accomplished when we all work together. Consuming is not the thing but sharing and passing on.
I once told a friend about our motto which we understood in a different way. "Feel Your Heart. That's a nice motto", he said. "It comes close to 'Fill Your Heart' - let them spring with joy, then we all will feel it."
To make our motto optically visible we will erect a huge heart right in the middle of the festival green: "A heart on the mountain".
We ask from all of you, as a symbolic gesture, to bring with you something your heart is set on, perhaps a letter, an old cassette or record, a poem, your last cigarette, a photo, your old favorite shoes, a skrunk Band-shirt, a memory, a thought, a kiss . . .
The inspiration for our motto comes from the Edgar Broughton Band's song "Out Demons Out". There is nothing to add to the original words:

"Fill Your Hearts with Joy and love a lot!"
Here are some new confirmations:
Beth Hart
JJ Grey and Mofro
Rainald Grebe und die Kapelle der Versöhnung
Lola Marsh
Brant Bjork and the Low Desert Punk Band
Los de Abajo

My Sleeping Karma
Simon & Jan
Jean Louis
Peps Blue Ribbon
Peter Bursch's Gitarrenkurs

Allready confirmed:

New Model Army

For the 75. birthday of Mani Neumeier:
Guru Guru

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Space Debris

Baby Woodrose

Siena Root

Simeon Soul Charger

My Brother the Wind (Schweden)

Royal Southern Brotherhood


Fairport Convention


Wille and the Bandits

Moritz Neumeier

Until 31.01.2015 every ticket gets additionally a ten-Euro-voucher for the merchandize-stall at the festival.

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Account information:

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Postbank Hamburg
IBAN: DE22200100200965771204

Here yopu can find some pictures and movies abou this years festival:

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The motto for the Burg Herzberg Festival 2014 is:

Perfect Days

The philosophy of the Burg Herzberg Festival is a simple truth. Because of the contribution of everyone a magical form of abundance grows. The basic contribution is the admission fee. If we pool our money it is possible a camp for a week and experience more than 100 bands and acts. Exquisits from all around the world, traders from all over the world, the Kinderland, spontanous concerts and the wonderful athmosphere of Freak City, the city which revives each year for a week. And the most important ingredients are the inhabitants of Freak City. Only their contribution let grow this unbelievable abundance of joyful meetings and nearness. Our motto "Perfect Days" has grown shortly after the death of Lou Reed. "Oh, It´s just a perfect day and I´m glad I spent it with You". Everyone has got those perfect moments, perfect days. Days, you would like to put into a jam jar to put them out every now and then. And for those days we offer you the Burg Herzberg Festival 2014. "Perfect Days" as understood by us and Lou Reed has got nothing to do with perfection. We as the management do not pretend to do a perfect job and that we can fulfill all wishes. But we try our best. "Today is a perfect day! Definitely not the best possible in all ways, but who cares! It is just a perfect day, because I spend it with you!" The days are perfect because of you! You are the perfect day! Hope to see you there!

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